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"...on a scale of 1-10, a ď14Ē. It is hard for us to leave [family moving because of job transfer]. The progress Marcus made here has been phenomenal. Iím eternally grateful to Haugland...we would return in a minute."

--Susan Cravener

News and Events

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»HLC Graduation 2015!

»ASDF Contributes Summer Camp Scholarships!

»HLC Students and Staff Volunteer for Earth Day!

»Construction on New HLC Building Underway!

»Pearson Publishing Films HLC Classrooms for New Textbook

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Haugland Learning Center

We serve the educational needs of over 300 children and young adults with Autism, Asperger syndrome, and other developmental disabilities in the state of Ohio. We currently operate classroom-based programs in Columbus/Dublin, Lancaster, Pedro, and Sandusky, Ohio. We also operate home-based programs throughout the state. HLC accepts students from preschool through twelfth grade (including those with behaviors of concern) and is therefore an excellent alternative to public school.

All students with an Autism, Asperger's, or PDD-NOS diagnosis are eligible to receive the Autism Scholarship from the Ohio Department of Education, which can be used to pay for educational services at HLC. Students with other disabilities may qualify for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, which can also be used to pay for services at HLC. Additionally, students with any learning disability are eligible for placement at HLC by their home school district via direct contract. Click here to hear what parents are saying about HLC.


  • Cost: Educational costs at HLC are mostly covered by the Autism Scholarship, Jon Peterson Scholarship, or directly by school districts, making HLC a quality program that all parents can afford.
  • Social: Students feel welcomed and accepted at HLC instead of being singled out because of idiosyncrasies. Many develop friendships for the first time and participate in social activities outside of school.
  • Academic: At HLC, each studentís academic program is designed to maximize their academic success. We build the skills back into every student to help them leap ahead academically!
  • Communication: At HLC, students are instructed to self-monitor and self-regulate when experiencing behavior challenges. We teach how to communicate needs so that emotional meltdowns are minimized.
  • Peace of Mind: Parents can relax, knowing that their child is educated in a safe environment and that their workday will NOT be interrupted by calls to pick up their child for incidents that happen at school.
  • Home: Our academic and behavior specialists work with families to develop effective educational and behavioral plans to strengthen both the home environment as well as continue the educational process.